Policy Advice is an independent consultancy company managed
by Morten Emil Hansen and specializing in development policies,  
change management and lobbying in the Nordic countries.
Policy Advice initially started in Accra, Ghana (2012-2015) and
is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark (since 2015). From
August 2018 Policy Advice will be moving to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Policy Advice is offering expertise in the following fields;

 Change management and facilitation 
 Advocacy and lobby strategies
  Campaign concepts
 Policy reports 
 Conference planning and facilitation
 New challenges (!) 
Current and previous clients are AIDS Fondet, Beyond2015, Bread
for the World, CARE, CISU, Christian Aid, Church of Sweden,
Concord Europe, Danida, Danish Institute for Human Rights, Diakonia, 
FinnChurchAid, DanChurchAid, Globalt Fokus, Global Partnership for 
Education, HEKS, IBIS, ICCO, Institute  of Economic Affairs, KEPA, 
MS ActionAid, NGO-Forum, Norwegian Church Aid, ONE, Oxfam, 
Roskilde Festival, Tax Dialogue, Timbuktu Fonden, World Best News
and Danish 92-Group 

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Contact Morten Emil Hansen for more information:

Cell: +45 4294 4417
Skype; mortenemil
Policy Advice
Copenhagen Denmark
Cell: +45 4294 4417
@: meh@policyadvice.dk