I've been the author and editor of numerous media articles, reports, publications, political briefs, campaign materials etc. 


     ONE Campaign: 2017 DATA Report (September 2017)

    Oxfam IBIS: Analysis of Denmark’s financing of in-donor refugee costs (December 2016)

      Concord Denmark: Delivering results - how Denmark can lead on PCD, with Laust Gregersen a.o. (2012)


   Concord Denmark policy report Development perspectives on Denmarks EU Presidency, with Marc Woodall a.o. (2012)  


     Concord Denmark policy report Development perspectives on EUs Common Agricultral Policies, with Laust Gregersen a.o. (2011)


   Concord Denmark policy report A strengthend EU in the world, with Marc Woodall a.o. (2011)


    NGO-forum policy briefings on Denmark’s new Development Strategy, with Knud Vilby (2009)


    DanChurchAid policy briefing on the Financial Crisis and G20 (2009)


    DanChurchAid policy report; Every sixth person lives in hunger (2009)


   DanChurchAid policy briefing on UN High Level Event on Millennium Development Goals (2008)


   DanChurchAid policy report; A poorer Development Education, an analysis of the last 10 years (2008)


   LOF Educational theme on Good Governance, with Carol Rask (2008)


   LOF Educational theme on Gender, with Elsebeth Gravgaard (2008)


   LOF Educational theme on HIV/AIDS, with Martin Rosenkilde (2008)


   DanChurchAid policy briefing on gender equality to the MDG3 Campaign and Africa Commission, with Elsebeth Gravgaard (2008)


   NGO-forum policy briefing on Development Education (2008)


   NGO-forum policy briefing on Weak and Vulnerable States (2008)


   Concord Europe AidWatch report (2006, 2007 og 2008)


  DanChurchAid policy briefing on the Global Food Crisis to the FAO Food Summit in Rome (2008)


   DanChurchAid policy report; Status on the G8 countries promises (2007)


  Humour against AIDS policy report; ’Is Denmark’s aids-support hilarious?’ (2006).


   Humour against AIDS policy report; ’From red noses to red ears’ (2004).


   IBIS policy theme; ‘The White Gold’, with Paul Goodison a.o. (2002).


   A dollar a day - 17 essays on Danes, Globalization and Poverty (2001).


  IBIS policy briefing; ‘PRSP Review; Poverty Reduction and Participation’, with Eva Rasmussen (2001).


  IBIS policy briefing; ‘The PRGF, conditions, participation and ownership’, with Eva Rasmussen (2001).


   NGO educational; ‘Freedom to Trade’, with MS, DCA and Fair Trade Denmark (2001).


    ERO policy working papers; ’EU Dumping in Southern Africa’, with Paul Goodison (2001)


    IBIS policy theme; ‘AIDS in Southern Africa’, with Rene Jacobsen (1999).


    IBIS policy theme; ‘Desert Journey – EU and the Developing Countries’, with Rene Jacobsen (1998).


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