Having had the pleasure of collaborating with Morten Emil in different of his many capacities - grassroot advocate; policy writer; facilitator; adviser - I believe his uniqueness consists in an ability to think out-of-the-box in such a way that decision makers are convinced and move on his advice. He is unfailingly clear in his analysis and  manages to articulate it in writing or in political dialogue. He is a strong public debater but also works very well behind the scene caring more about the impact  of his views than the resulting personal visibility.

Jakob Simonsen, Owner StratConsulting - formerly UN


Morten Emil Hansen and Policy Advice offers an impressive and inspiring range of experience, talent, and resourcefulness. It is a pleasure to work with Morten Emil – and together to find and develop great solutions to your challenge.

Thomas Ravn-Pedersen, Head of “World’s Best News”, Chairman of The Timbuktu Foundation and Senior Adviser to The African Youth Panel


Morten Emil is a favorite client and cooperative partner - always visionary thinking out of the box, persistent in reaching for the optimal goal achievement, risk willing to get the best, a great flair for manoeuvring in political processes. And everything spiced up with good humour, appreciation and an outstanding stress resilience.

Lisbet Fich, Process consultant and event director, Konsulentnetværket

Policy Advice
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