My Clients

My assignment include;

(current); Country Citizens Reports. Client; ActionAid.

2019; Development of the Oxfam IBIS Youth Policy Programme. Client; Oxfam IBIS.

2019; Facilitating new project on internet connectivity and entrepreneurship among rural youths. Client; CARE and BLUETOWN.

2018: Strategy facilitation. Client; The Danish Institute for Human Rights

2018; Developing baseline for the Ghana CSO programme. Client. CARE Denmark

2018; Long-term strategic policy support (2016-2018) on aid and development issues in the Nordic countries, with specific focus on security. Client: Oxfam IBIS. 

2018; Long-term change management (2015-2018) for eight European development organsations with focus on alignment and harmonization. Client: Bread for the World, Christian Aid, Church of Sweden, DanChurchAid, Diakonia, FinnChurchAid, ICCO and Norwegian Church Aid. 

2018; Long-term strategic policy support (2016-2018) on aid and development issues in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland). Client: ONE Campaign.

2018; Developing a new Global Policy Programme. Client; Disabled People's Organisations Denmark (DPOD).

2018; Review of ActionAid International's Multi-country campaigns (2013-2017) with specific focus on the LandFor campaign. Client: ActionAid International

2018; Developing a new CSO programme on Extractives Industries and Climate Change in Ghana. Client. CARE Denmark

2018; Strategic policy support to Danish NGOs and scoping study on the next national elections. Client: Globalt Fokus.  

2017; Long-term policy support on aid for international education in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland). Client: Global Partnership for Education  

2017; Developing a new global programme on Economic Opportunities and Decent Work for Youth. Client. ActionAid Denmark. 

2017; Developing and writing seven briefing papers (3-4 pages each) on the linkage between climate change and migration. Client: CARE Denmark  

2017 (since 2016); Stakeholder analysis, facilitation and campagn development for the Roskilde Festival in collaboration with Good Company Century. Client: Roskilde Festival.

2016; Developing and writing several briefing papers on Denmark’s funding for hiv/aids. Client: AIDS Foundation.   '

2016; Author of policy report on 'Golden days for Newmont' which analyses the low tax payments of the US based mining company Newmont and how Ghana’s mining reforms has been an obstacle to maximizing Ghana’s revenues. Client: IBIS (Denmark) and ACEP (Ghana). 

2015; Advanced advocacy training for members of KEPA (Service Centre for Development Cooperation) and strategic and organizational development facilitation for staff of KEPA. Client: KEPA (Finland). 

2015; Co-author of policy report on 'Nordic Exceptionalism' and presentation of the report at the ’Nordic Development Conference’ in Oslo, including facilitating a policy dialogue among key Norwegian politicians. Client: Norwegian Church Aid (Norway).

2015; Stakeholder analysis and strategic facilitation and a draft strategy (2016-2020) for the Worlds Best News campaign, including midway presentations to steering committee and Secretary Generals. Client: Worlds Best News.
2015; Lead conference organiser of a High-Level CSO event on the post-2015 agenda in the UN Headquarters co-hosted by UN NGLS and the Governments of Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya, Sweden and Tanzania. Client: Beyond 2015, Climate Action Network (CAN), the International Forum of National NGO Platforms (IFP) and Participate.
2015; Author of policy analysis of the Danish Liberal Partys proposal to introduce the biggest ODA cuts in Danish history. Client: Timbuktu Foundation. 
2015 (since 2013); Long-term policy and advocacy support to CARE Ghana's new Forest Extractives and Civil Society Support Programme (Yen Sore) on mining, oil, gas and forests in Ghana. Client: CARE Denmark
2015 (since 2013); Heading the Trade and Development Programme with particular focus on EU and Ghana trade agreements and European FDI in agriculture and agri-processing sectors. Client: IEA Ghana.
2015; Co-author of policy report on European Dairy Companies increasing involvement in the West African Dairy Sector Development, including corporate profiles of Arla, Danone, FrieslandCampina, Nestlé and Lactalis. Client: CARE Denmark
2014; Stakeholder interviews and mid-term review of the Beyond 2015 Campaign. Client: Beyond 2015
2014; Lead conference organiser of a High-Level CSO conference on the post-2015 agenda co-hosted by Beyond2015, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UN-City and Global Focus. Client: Beyond 2015 and Global Focus.
2014; Co-author of policy report on CSR and Danish companies tax policies. Client: The Tax Dialogue and IBIS. 
2014; Author of policy report and opinion poll on youth basic knowledge on global issues. Client: Timbuktu Foundation.  
2014; Developing a Concept Note to guide the Zimbabwe ACT Forum towards the development of a joint ACT Zimbabwe programme. Client: DanChurchAid, Diakonia, Church of Sweden, Norwegian Church Aid, HEKS, ICCO and Christian Aid 
2013; Author of policy analysis on the future global development financing and the on-going negotiations in OECD DAC to change the OECD reporting directives. Client: Danish NGO-forum
2013; Lead conference organiser of High-Level CSO conference on civil society space in Blantyre (Malawi) Client: Diakonia, Church of Sweden, Norwegian Church Aid, Bread for the World, HEKS, DanChurchAid and Christian Aid. 
2013; Moderator at Danish Civil Society Rally 2013, including the session delivering key messages to the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation. Client: NGO-Forum 
2013; Author of policy report which was an alternative assessment of the SRSF Government Development Policy and Assistance. Client: Timbuktu Foundation  
2013; Author of policy analysis of the Danish Liberal Party's new develolment policy and the likely impact of proposed ODA cuts. Client: NGO-Forum 
2013; Author of policy report on EU CSO Road Maps. Client: Concord Denmark. 
2013; Developing a policy position on WTO, trade and EU for Concord Denmark and Danish 92-Group. Client: Danish 92-Group
2013; Stakeholder analysis and development of a draft strategy for policy for CISU (Civil Society in Development), Client: CISU.
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